It’s funny that I have chosen to include this section in my blog. In general I am not a huge fan of product reviews. Particularly for articles like Sports Bras where there is no one ‘best bra’ – it truly is a product that needs to be fitted for your individual set of needs. That being your size & shape, your personal style & fit preferences along the different support demands of your chosen activities. So by all means, read what I have to say, but do not hang your hat on my words. My time in the athletic footwear industry certainly taught me we can all have very different experiences with the one product. Here you will find my honest reviews on bras I have chosen to test. _____________________________________________________________________________

Rebound Racer / Moving Comfort

I actually purchased this bra earlier this year from the Moving Comfort stand at the Melbourne Ironman expo. This means I was lucky enough to be fitted by a Moving

Comfort employee who actually knew what she was talking about.

I was very happy with the $80 price point. As a D cup I am commonly paying upward of $100 for any sort of bra, so this was refreshing.

The features I loved about this bra include that is it wire free but yet still suitable for high impact activity. The racer back style helps achieve a firm level of support.

Like I have noted with a few of my other Moving Comfort bra’s the straps are adjustable at the front which means you can secure them very easily. Whilst there is significant compression across the chest, it still manages to leave you with a great shape – the contoured cup ensures the uni-boob look is entirely avoided! I am not sure whether it is intentional or not, but I feel somewhat minimised in this bra. It always has me feeling great about my shape!

The only somewhat negative feedback I have about this product would be the difficulty I have getting it on and off. It would be an embarrassing sight to see me getting this on at 5.30 in the morning as I do most days! I have just noted on Moving Comfort’s website that they have some helpful tips for this, it is obviously something they have received feedback on.

The Rebound Racer ranges from sizes 8B to 16DD so that is potentially another limitation on the bra.

All in all my Rebound Racer is currently sitting in my personal top 2 high impact bras.


Adjust X Back Bra / Nike

This is one of many pieces of Nike gold that sits in my closet.

As a bigger busted female I had shied away from Nike Sports Bras with the belief that they didn’t carry my size, always envious of the girls that were able to don the latest fashion colour Nike crop. So I was relieved to recently learn that their Adjust X Back Bra came in cup sizes, up to an E!

The Adjust X Back Bra is marketed as Nike’s high impact option. Probably because it’s got more adjustability than any of their other bras with both adjustable straps and back closure, so it doesn’t rely on using flimsy elastic materials that won’t inturn provide the best support.

The racer back is largely made up of mesh which keeps the article both light and breathable. And the moulded cups ensure the uni-boob is avoided, which is not an easy feat for what otherwise appears to be crop fit.

Naturally Nike have nailed the material component of the bra, as that seems to be what they do best, with DRY-fit! This material wicks moisture away from the skin to the materials outer where it will evaporate at a faster rate.

My only feedback with the bra construction is the clasp system used on the bra band, it can take me a few moments to be able to slot the hook in as it is not a conventional hook and eye clasp. I have noticed this getting somewhat better in recent days – I’m not sure if I’m getting more co-ordinated or whether the materials may have given a little to allow for the clasp to fit easily.

For me this Nike number certainly comes very close to being a perfect low – moderate impact bra. I use mine for Pump classes, personal training and weights sessions and will continue to enjoy the freedom of shoulder movement that I get from this light weight racer back bra for many sessions to come!! Good job Nike!

image sourced from

image sourced from


Compression Minimiser / Sixty4

It was at the Gold Coast Marathon Expo that I purchased this bra by a new Australian company called Sixty4. There was a lot of commotion around their expo site at the event, so together with the ingrained interest I have in all things Sports Bras I was naturally drawn to check out their stand. When I got there I realised why there was such a crowd. They were selling Sports Bras for $35!!! So naturally, I joined the queue for service amoungst a sea of excited women.

The bra features adjustable straps, giving you the ability to have either U-shaped or cross back straps. I permanently have mine adjusted to a cross-back, this optimises the bra’s ability to both compress and contain the bust, but even then it lacks what I feel I need in a HIGH impact Sports Bra. So I keep this option for my low impact gym sessions and on the odd occasions substitute it in to my day-to-day collection.

I look forward to reviewing their Aqua Bra!


Ultimate Performance Sports Bra / Berlei

image sourced from

It was 2 months ago that I was fitted for this bra by an industry leading store. While I have been exceptionally happy with the product itself, I have my concerns about the actual fit for me. It was sold new, with the band hooked on it’s tightest closure. I was weary about this at the time as I know this is a NO NO with any Sports Bra. The materials lose some of their elasticity with wash and wear so it’s always best to have your bra fitted to the loosest hook at first. So sadly, I feel this practically new bra has an nearing expiration date for me 😦

None the less this Sports Bra, described by it’s manufacturers as a ‘crop’ offers a feeling of full containment with a firm compression and complete encapsulation of each breast. The combination of underwire and moulded cups has this bra giving a hard to beat shape.

It has a hook clasp to turn the straps into a racer back. The straps are also adjustable, so they can be crossed over. Not all ‘adjustable’ strap bras are actually designed with the right length straps to pull off all of the configurations – but this is one that is!

I have this in white and while it is a complete coverage bra I love the fact that I don’t feel like I am wearing a suit of armour when I am in it.

It must also be noted that the biomechanical testing I have done in this bra for a D cup produced possibly the best results in it’s class.

Until beaten, the Berlei Ultimate Performance Sports Bra will reign as my go to option for long runs!


Extreme Control (5527) / Anita Active

anita active 5527 she science

I’m trying not to get too carried away as I have only been for 2 runs with this new Anita Active Sports Bra, but I am finding it difficult. I am literally sitting here having just done notched up 9km around my local hilly area, still sweating it out in my running kit which obviously includes ‘the bra’. I just couldn’t wait to review it!

The underwire free high motion control Sports Bra is a dream to be in. It feels light, like I’m not wearing much at all actually. This may have something to do with the mesh back and cup material.

This Bra sits within Anita Active’s Maximum Support category and I can see why. The soft materials used in the cups are firm, they give with motion but they don’t stretch much. This is an important quality for any high impact bra.

The cups manage to give great shape, even without underwire, as each breast is distinctively separated. The coverage is high, which results in a secure feeling of containment. While I see this as being a great thing, for those that like to wear V neck tops this may be unsightly.

Something to watch with this bra is that it fits quite big. I have found this to be the case with a lot of the Anita range. Whilst the straps are adjustable, they do not adjust a huge amount meaning there is no room for error with your fitting. Additionally, if you have a wide set bust, you may get some breast tissue sitting slightly towards your underarm region as there is not a huge amount of control that could force the breast forward.

I look forward to continue testing this product during some of my other workouts!


Ultimate Run Bra / Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber ultimate run bra

With a plethora of industry awards, the Shock Absorber Sports Bra brand is a well-known leader in its field. This particular bra has been involved in a highly regarded study conducted by Scurr et al, out of the Portsmouth University in the UK where it found that the Ultimate Run Bra reduced breast displacement (bounce!) by up to 78%.
The moisture wicking materials used are firm yet light compared to many of the other bras I have used in the past, so immediately there is a feeling of radical freedom of movement. This is helped by the racer back style. Not a traditional racer back however, the Ultimate Run bra has a dual clasp at the back which makes this much easier to get on and off than a traditional racer back bra, providing you have decent should range of motion to get the top clasp done up.

There is also plenty of quality adjustability on this model with a soft hook and eye clasp on the bra band as well as a firm bra strap adjustability system that’s unlikely to give as you work out.
As a 10DD this was a great high impact option for me, which I felt uninhibited running in. I also enjoyed the shape it gave me by separating the breasts well, so it quickly became a favourite for my gym, personal training and pump sessions too.
With sizes up to a G cup this will be a key style for bigger busted women seeking a firm level of support. Something to watch with the sizing is the bra band size. Mine fitted a little tighter than most 10’s I wear so be sure to try to before you buy!


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