Bra fit training with Lindsey Brown

Generally speaking my European travels are strictly limited to their oh-so-enticing Summer months. So the idea of trekking from sunny Melbourne to the freezing cold Leicester in the middle of a British winter seemed like a bit of a tease. But in the name of further education I didn’t let the snow stop me in my tracks.

Along with a crew of three others in the lingerie industry I had the pleasure of training under Lindsey Brown of Mya Blue, in both her extensive Bra Fitting and Lingerie Retail Training courses. And I can gladly say, it was worth the trip!

As my main focus to date has been on Breast Biomechanics and the technical merits of Sports Bras, there were a number of areas covered that I had not yet exposed myself to. This includes being equipped with the ability to determine bra size without the use of the traditional tape measure method, as well as extensive education on bra fit and construction, lingerie categories, buying and planning, price setting, retail merchandising and much much more!

I’m feeling super confident with all the extra information I’ve been able to pick up in this last week and look forward to that knowledge adding extra depth to our in store assessments at She Science.

Thanks go to Lindsey, Malikah and Browns Lingerie for your guidance!

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