Is it ok to wear a Sports Bra everyday?

Most women I’ve met and fitted enjoy the security of being in a Sports Bra, so it’s no surprise that I am often asked if it’s ok to wear a Sports Bra all day.

Most sports bras are appropriate for every day use. In fact, many have been modelled on everyday bras, but simply use firmer moisture wicking materials to assist in support and moisture management during activity.

Our favourite every day options in store vary between underwire and non-underwire bras.

To find an appropriate option for everyday use their are three key things to consider.

1. Support. Choose a technical Sports Bra option that offers great support. A flimsy pull over crop top isn’t going to cut it and is most certainly not going to last long.

2. Comfort. Some Sports Bras are great for being active, but could feel a little too compressive or restrictive for all day wear. We find Sports Bras that have been modelled on a more traditional bra the easiest to use all day. Eg. Berlei Electrify, Elomi Energise, Freya Underwire, Moving Comfort Luna.

3. Straps + coverage. As most Sports Bra use wider straps and offer high coverage they can be harder to conceal under work and leisure attire. Traditional back bras will be more comfortable over long periods and hide under our clothing easier than racer back bras.

Our staff commonly fit women in to Sports Bras for everyday use and are hear to answer any questions you have about what may work best for you.



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