Some of the science behind breast biomechanics

Studies recently conducted in the UK have shown there to be a vast difference in movement of the breast unsupported (bare chested or an everyday bra) versus movement in a Sports Bra. I have recreated images to depict these different motions below.

breast biomechanics, unsupported breast motin

Unsupported, pendulum motion.

breast biomechanics, supported breast motion

Supported, butterfly motion.

When looking at the two images above you will see that an unsupported breast moves in one long continuous action. The momentum the breast gains during each long bounce results in a rapidly moving breast. It is the rate of this motion that is thought to cause damage to the breasts natural support structures, the skin and Coopers ligaments.

When comparing this to the motion detected in a supported breast you will note that the overall displacement is reduced both vertically and horizontally. Not only this, there are frequent changes in direction which results in less momentum being gained and a slower rate of displacement.

Two prominent Breast Health Researchers, Dr Joanna Scurr and Dr Jenny White and their teams have been instrumental in the findings many Sports Bra companies are now using to develop and test their products. These researchers have pushed the needs of many women into the once male dominated field of sports science and biomechanics.

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